Services & Investment

Therapy is an investment in your happiness, and the future you want for yourself.  You will develop a clear understanding of the emotions and internal dynamics that currently show up  without your conscious knowledge, as well as their root causes.  With support, you will ultimately heal those wounded parts of you and experience relief like you haven’t before.   While it’s not a guarantee, most clients experience significant relief from their symptoms (anxiety, shame, loneliness, depression, compulsions, etc.), as well as gain a firm appreciation for their own gifts, develop effective boundaries, and show up in the world with a lot more confidence and self-awareness.

Services & Investment Costs:

Individual Psychotherapy:  $150-$175 per 55 minute session

Sliding scale available

Insurance Plans Accepted:

Blue Cross Blue Shield (Not BCBS Complete)

Blue Care Network

Les services thérapeutiques en français sont disponibles.

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